Many of our priests offer a variety of services and have their own side projects.  For more information, check out their links!

Devin Antheus

Initiator and oracle in the service of Dionysos and his Retinue. Orpheotelest in the Thiasos of the Flowering Branch. Practitioner of Queer Goetia.


  • Divination
  • Spiritual consultation
  • Energetic cleansings and cord-cutting
  • Spellwork

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Heathen Chinese

Multi-tradition in Chinese, European, Afro-Diasporic, and anarchist lineages. Initiated to the Matronae and Dionysos. Spiritual protection specialist.


  • Spiritual protection consultations and services
  • Antiracist ancestor work
  • Anarchist ritual
  • Classes or lectures on any of the above (and more)

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Jesse Myrthenn

He may be contacted through

Kevin/Stellara the StarWitch

Bacchic mystic, Thiasos of the Flowering Branch. Priest of Hermes, devotee of Apollo and child of Loki and the Vanir. Multi-traditional cultist and spirit worker, sissy sorcerer, wort-worker, diviner and astrologer.


  • Divination
  • Astrology
  • Spellwork, especially healing, blessing and jinx removal

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Marjorie Ní Chobhthaigh

Marjorie is a queer Irish polytheist, oathed as a priest to Badb Catha, as well as a Kemetic and a mystes of the Thiasos of the Flowering Branch. They work as an advocate for domestic violence survivors and is the founder of Macha’s Justice, a resource for pagan, polytheist, and magic-using survivors.

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Rianorix is a Gaulish polytheist, oathed to Coyote, initiated to Dionysos, mystes of the Thiasos of the Flowering Branch, writer of devotional music and poetry, previous Bard of the West in the SCA.


  • Creation of devotional music and poetry

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River Devora

River Devora is a traditionally initiated priest of Ochun, a multi-traditional spirit worker, teacher, healer, and polytheist clergyperson. She is a practicing Oloricha and Espiritista, and maintains cultus to the Matronae and several other Germanic and Mediterranean deities and blessed powers. She carries initiation in several African-derived and European magical and religious traditions and lineages as well. River has been serving the greater Bay Area pagan and polytheist community since 1996, and is the founder of the Strong Roots and Wide Branches Pan-Polytheist Learning Community.


  • Spiritual counseling and consultation
  • Divination
  • Ritual and spirit work
  • Spiritual healing work
  • Pastoral care and life cycle rituals (weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, etc)
  • House cleansings, spiritual cleansings
  • Private and group lessons and workshops on a number of spiritual, magical, and religious subjects

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